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Deadliest Summer (Ambria 4) Released!

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
October 21, 2017

Deadliest Summer, the fourth book in the Ambria series, is available on Amazon right now.

Vetch and his friends have finally struck a blow against the Dark Lord. Now begins the difficult journey back home, where they'll have to face not just their enemy in a titanic conflict, but also their own nation. Is Vetch willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop darkness from taking over the world?

Coldest Spring (Ambria 3) Released!

by Audrey Roy Greenfeld
July 28, 2017

For two reasons, this is a very special week:

First, Coldest Spring, the third book in the Ambria series, is available on Amazon right now.

The gods are at war, and Vetch is caught in the middle. Armed with truths he now wishes he did not know, Vetch struggles to do what he can to keep his friends and family safe in a world torn apart by war.

Second, this week we're celebrating Daniel’s birthday. Hooray!

In honor of releasing a new book and my husband's birthday, we’ve reduced the prices of our first book, Darkest Autumn, until midnight of July 30th. Here are the available formats:

Finally, if you want to give Daniel a truly special present for his birthday, please review any or all of our Ambria series on Amazon:

Audrey Is Now a Co-Author

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
June 30, 2017

All my books have involved my wife, Audrey Roy Greenfeld. She's not just my muse or a sounding board, she's contributed a significant amount of the ideas and text in all the books I've written. A small but good example is magic in the Ambria series: Audrey replaced my dull mechanical depictions of the supernatural with the wonder and beauty of the arcane. That's just the tip of the iceberg and it would be selfish of me to hog all the credit to myself.

Therefore, I've decided that it's about time to include her as co-author. She deserves it.

So going forward this site is going to transition to a combined Daniel and Audrey Roy Greenfeld destination. You'll start to see changes, and soon there will be seamless redirection to the new location.

Brightest Winter Released!

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
June 5, 2017

Brightest Winter continues the story of Vetch after he falls in the Ambria River. The adventure includes serpents, birds of the dark, and more giant monsters.

If that weren't enough, Vetch also must survive a treacherous family gathering. Some of his relatives are the stuff of nightmares.

An Ambria book wouldn't be complete without battles involving magical weapons, trays of unusual desserts, and death-defying challenges, of course. Pack your best swords, finish up your enchanted vegetable soups, and join Vetch for the adventure.

Get it from your local Amazon store:

Darkest Autumn Changes

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
May 18, 2017

Until now, the cover of my books did not match Amazon's 1:1.6 specification for size. I fixed it for Darkest Autumn, and you can see the result below:

Darkest Autumn New Cover

Astute readers may also notice a name change to the book. It's no longer The Darkest Autumn but just Darkest Autumn. That fits better on the cover and I think it sounds better too.

Improving the Cover of "The Darkest Autumn"

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
May 13, 2017

Take a look at the differences between the old and new versions of the cover:

Cover comparison for the Darkest Autumn

I also updated the blurb to say:

The adventure begins in Book One of this epic coming-of-age series.

Vetch is training to be a knight in a magical world. But he's afraid of battle and reluctant to hurt others. He's also nervous around girls. He's kept his fears from his friends but knows at some point he'll be revealed for the coward that he is.

Led by a sorcerer, a massive army of men and inconceivable monsters attack Vetch's homeland. With no idea of the extent of the enemy's power, Vetch struggles against impossible odds to keep himself and those he cares about safe.

Can a young warrior with a too-gentle heart survive?

Why I'm Writing Two Series

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
May 4, 2017

I've been asked why I'm writing books for the Ambria series when the sequel to Into the Brambles has been languishing for a couple years.

For starters, fans of Into the Brambles will be pleased to know that the sequel, Through the Brambles, will hopefully be out late this summer. The book is about 95% written but needs a lot of editing. For that matter, Into the Brambles could also use some cleanup.

Okay, that out of the way, the big reason why I'm working on two series is to avoid writer's block.

The beauty of working on two stories is if I get stuck, I can work in the other until the block goes away. From experience, I know this technique works incredibly well for me. For most of my life I used this technique instinctively, but starting this year I started to do it consciously. The result has been a huge increase in productivity, which explains the rapid pace of the writing of the Ambria series.

First Cover Proof for Ambria II

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
May 3, 2017

Tonight I'm reviewing the work done on the cover of The River Runs Uphill, also known as Ambria II. I'm very pleased with how it came out.

First Cover Proof for Ambria II

Telling Stories in My Youth

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
April 29, 2017

I've always been compelled to tell stories.

When I was six years old I was invited to my friend John's house for dinner. While eating the meal, I told John and his parents how I went mountain climbing in Switzerland with my family. They believed my wondrous story until the moment I brought up the lions. Yes, according to me, my family and I were attacked by mountain lions in the Swiss Alps. We would have died had not my father grabbed a lion by the tail and used it to beat off the others.

That's the first story I remember telling. When I was seven, my parents gave me a tape recorder in order for me to capture my stories. Even though I remember being uncertain about using the tape recorder for stories, I wish I had my audio tapes from that time. As elementary school progressed, my mother captured some of my stories using a manual typewriter. As far as I know, all of those tales have been lost over the course of the numerous moves from one town to the other in my life.

I did make a sale during those years! A science fiction I hand-wrote on paper when I was eight was purchased by my eleven-year-old brother for three dollars. He planned to make it into a movie. Unfortunately, that never happened, but the little boy in me wishes it had.

In middle school, I wrote adventure stories instead of paying attention in class. On at least three occasions teachers took my effort and read them to the class. I was terribly embarrassed but I remember my fellow students being pleased with what I wrote. Some of them even encouraged me to write more! I would like to think that was because my writing was good, but I suspect it's because it was funny to watch me get mocked by a teacher.

In high school I started to I sneak stories into assignments that we're meant to be stories. For example, once I was told to define the word 'Shandrydan'. Stumped, I wrote a story how Shandrydan was the name of a black-scaled dragon that spat acid. That black dragon went over well, the teacher being so impressed she read it to the class. I remember the next day was a story-writing effort inspired by my tale.

I Wrote Another Non-Fiction Book

by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
April 25, 2017

I just wanted to let you all know that a new version of my technical book, Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.11 is out. This is a book about the Django web framework and is meant for programmers. That said, isn't the cover appealing?